心 の 会Kokoro no Kai

The 心 の 会 Kokoro no Kai was created and started in 2019 by Melvin Williams, Bujinkan Dojo, 11th Dan, and dojo-cho of the Bujinkan Tenryu Dojo.

The Kokoro no kai has two main purposes:

One, to promote and bring martial artist of color together. Martial arts instructors of color are often overlook by there peers. This events allows martial artists of color to study, practice, and train together in a safe place and share and past on their knowledge with others.

Two, to bring like minded individuals coming together to train and talk about Self-Defense and Self-Protection concepts and strategies in traditional martial arts. It is an event to learn how to apply your traditional training to modern self-defense and self-protection. Many of our instructors have used this art in real situations. We are building connections as well as reuniting with old friends. I look forward to seeing you all and having a few drinks after training!

心 の 会Kokoro no Kai 2019, Chicago 

Next Training event is in NYC 2022

Check back here for updates.